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Nourishing life according to the seasons as they unfold is one of the oldest forms of prevention. Aligning with the 24 solar terms leads to balance and harmony, the primary sources of well-being.

“In the three months of summer there is an abundance of sunshine and rain. The heavenly energy descends, and the earthly energy rises. When these energies merge, there is intercourse between heaven and earth. As a result, plants mature and animals, flowers, and fruit appear abundantly. One may retire somewhat later at this time of year, while still arising early. One should refrain from anger and stay physically active, to prevent the pores from closing and the Qi from stagnating. It is important to be happy and easygoing and not hold grudges, so that the energy can flow freely and connect the external with the internal. That way, illness may be averted in the fall. As problems in the summer way cause injury to the heart organ and manifest in autumn..”

– 黃帝內經 Haungdi Neijing Su Wen (≈ 200 B.C.)



Jiao Shi

Kamal Polite, A.P. DOM is the founder of OHO Seminars and developer of The Body Type System™. He is a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist with over 26 years of experience, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jiao Shi (Teacher) has been educating physicians, individuals, families, and whole communities on how to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for themselves through prevention. He is the lead presenter for OHO Seminars, Chief Herbaceutical Engineer for Si Jin Bao, as well as a notable speaker.

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