Halotherapy + Chinese Herbal Therapy

Use basic preventative measures to keep your clients healthy.

Halotherapy and Chinese Herbal Therapy are the perfect combination for treating Upper Respiratory Disorders. Using the basic preventative measures and principles outlined in this course will help your clients and their families stay healthy.

Upper Respiratory Disorders

The Common Cold, Influenza, and COVID-19

The Course curriculum includes lessons on the Common Cold and Influenza as well as the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Find out how China is dealing with the epidemic, as well as the protocols they are using to combine Eastern & Western Medicine for a holistic approach to healing.

Take the next steps to protect you, your clients, and your family.

Learn how to combine Halotherapy & Chinese Herbal Therapy today!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Upper Respiratory Disorders Outline

    • Halo Industry Version

  • 2

    Welcome to Si Jin Bao!

    • Introduction

    • Jia De Yi Sheng (Home Medic)

    • Halotherapy Introduction (Halo Industry Version)

  • 3

    Let's get started!

    • Upper Respiratory Disorders

    • History & Timelines

    • TCM Response TEAM

    • Modern TCM

    • Pattern Differentiation

    • Symptoms

    • Outcomes

    • Preparation

    • Halotherapy (Home Medic)

    • Herbaceuticals

    • Halotherapy (Halo Industry Version)

    • Intergration

    • Quiz Your Learning

Additional Content

Enhance the Halotherapy experience to maximize visits for long term results.

  • Halotherapy

    Learn how to enhance the Halotherapy experience to maximize visits for long term results, especially for those suffering from chronic conditions.

  • Chinese Herbal Therapy

    Receive training on basic Chinese Herbal Therapy for products such as Immun-A-TEA, Upset Tummy, Breathe Again, & Croopy Cough.

  • The Perfect Combination

    Learn how to prepare and integrate these therapies with your Halotherapy protocols.